Revising Evolutionary Stories on Desert Pupfish

Near Death Valley National Park, there's a "detached unit" called Devils Hole. (Don't confuse that Devil's Hole State Park up north of me in New York. If you go there, stop by and give me a howdy.) Don't expect to do a lot of wandering around, you're barking up the wrong tree because it's restricted to scientific access for the most part. Especially if you want to take a gander at the Devils Hole Pupfish. (It's clever Latin name incorporates its location, Cynprinodon diabolis — diabolis, diabolic, devil — get it?) The pupfish is the rarest fish in the world.

The rarest fish in the word is the Devils Hole Pupfish. Evolutionists had their stories, but needed to revise them because they did not fit the evidence — the evidence supports recent creation, not evolution.
Image credit: Olin Feuerbacher / USFWS
These puppies live in a very harsh environment that would kill off other fish. Evolutionists have to revise their deep time stories in light of the evidence. Old stories did not hold water, and good science shows that there is no evolution. In fact, evidence supports not only the design of the Creator, but rapid adaptations per biblical creationist models.
Small fish living in Devil’s Hole became isolated just hundreds of years ago, not thousands.

Talk about a radical revision in science; evolutionists have been telling the public that fish in an isolated habitat called Devil’s Hole in Nevada became separated from their parent population over 10,000 years ago, and have evolved as a new species ever since. But now, just centuries?

Devil’s Hole is a water reservoir 100 meters deep in a cavern that opens to the surface. The water is almost 90° F, enough to kill most other fish in hours, but the small blue desert pupfish swim unharmed in this unique environment. Evolutionists had said they’ve been stuck there since prehistoric times. Now, based on a genetic analysis, Naturerewrites the story” of this fish species trapped in a single hole:
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