Darwin Day Religiosity and Question Evolution Day Summary

Article about the religious nature of evolutionism, reactions of anti-creationists to the fifth annual Question Evolution Day , a discussion of some behind-the-scenes aspects of QED, and more.

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

This article is about the religious nature of evolutionism, reactions of anti-creationists to the fifth annual Question Evolution Day , a discussion of some behind-the-scenes aspects of QED, and more.

Spreading the Word

A few years back, a reporter asked me if there were "supporters" for Question Evolution Day. I figured that he meant famous people or organizations. In the past, I had several interviews on radio and podcasts, usually about QED. This year, I increased my efforts to obtain interviews or at least mentions on sites and things. Of the twenty or so contacts I made, most did not bother to reply. (That's a mite disheartening, since most of them agree in principle with the purposes of QED.) One gave a brusque brush-off, one waited too long to reply, another got the notion to do an interview when time was short, but there was no time, what with conflicting schedules and all.

There was only one interview, but it was a good one! Chris Rosebrough of Fighting for the Faith had me on for a return engagement, and we had fun as well as discussing some serious matters.

Ian Juby of Genesis Week promoted QED again this year, for which I am truly grateful. The event had support from Creation Today, and I was pleased with a Weblog post again this year. However, Eric Hovind surprised me with additional plans, and actively promoted Question Evolution Day, including a "webinar" hosted by Eric, with guests Mark Spence and Sye Ten Bruggencate. Creation Ministries International presented my article, and used the words "Question Evolution Day" in several Facebook posts.

Although it was not written to promote the event, Kimberly Winston briefly mentioned it in "Darwin Day notwithstanding, evolution debate keeps, well, evolving" at Religion News Service. RNS supplies other news agencies with material (such as the Colorado Springs Gazette and the Washington Post), and was a source for an article at the Mormon-run Deseret News (interestingly, Mormonism is materialistic and evolutionary in nature). There were a some minor errors where I was concerned in this piece that the author adjusted. There was also a passel of links to various materials on all sides of the issue in a post at Religion Link

Promotion and publicity are mighty helpful, but don't do all that much without the guidance of God and the involvement of people. There were folks who were spreading the word on social media. I searched Pages on Facebook that were promoting QED — some of which I had never heard of before. Part of the goal was for people to do whatever they can or will, whether it's sharing links on social media, writing Weblog articles, writing their own timeline posts, or whatever else. I saw activity on Twitter as well. For the people who were involved, I am truly thankful!


Having an online "event" is difficult go gauge. Only a few people clicked on the event listing as "going", but many more were involved. I reckon that those event listings are for business promotions and such, where tickets are sold and people register to attend something. Obviously, QED was nothing like that.

In previous years, I was unaware of participation until something showed up in a search engine or unless someone directly informed me, and it will be the same again. Doing searches can be right tricky, as I've seen search results including material from previous years as well.

Web counters are iffy at best. My sites have had a marked increase in traffic according to those, and other visits I know about were not recorded. But this was not about just my site, as people were encouraged to share biblical creation science materials from various organizations.

Negative Reactions and Darwinist Religious Zealotry

There were surprisingly few anti-creationist Evo Sith trolls on Question Evolution Day itself, but some did show themselves later at The Question Evolution Project. They don't cotton to having their worldview challenged with science and logic, so they go on the attack. Two questions for them are, "Why should I change my beliefs and convert to evolution", and "Why do my beliefs matter to you in the first place?" They demonstrate the Mighty Atheist Intellect™ by using childish taunts and amazingly poor reasoning skills.

This first one is very, very typical:
Using that question-begging epithet, I seriously doubt that's his real name. Atheists do that frequently.
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Here's Rajah, supporting his Darwinian religion with an absence of both logic and civility:
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Although they don't like the facts, these people are religious about their evolution. After all, evolutionism is religious in nature. Look at Nirmal's Facebook profile and timeline pictures, which are all about Darwin. They bolster Darwin as a "great scientist", ignoring that he was a plagiarist and a bungler as a scientist. (See the secularist jihad and religious fervor of the atheopaths in the comments at the Religion News Service article. But don't look for sound reasoning.) Indeed, the "Darwin Fish" symbol is a direct mockery of Christianity. Personally, I prefer the "Truth Fish" that I have on my car.

Here's an excerpt from the aforementioned Deseret News article:
It's Darwin Day — the 207th anniversary of the birth of scientist Charles Darwin, marked worldwide by hundreds of events, many of which are detailed at the American Humanist Association's International Darwin Day website.

This year, celebrations include lectures, birthday parties and dinners where guests can partake of "primordial soup." There is also an annual, week-long Darwin festival in Salem, Massachusetts, that has been operating since 1980 and is one of the first known organized celebrations, according to the International Darwin Day Foundation. The AHA began its events in 1995 and now manages the Darwin Day website.
Yes, they have a heap of Darwin Day events, and here is one example of Darwinian marketing. Sure sounds religious to me! Add to that that there are no big festivals for Copernicus, Newton, Pasteur, Einstein, Kepler, Pascal, and others. Nope, just Darwin's excuse to "explain" origins without the Creator, and that made all the difference. If you study on it a spell, this secularist admiration of Darwin, as well as evolutionary disinformation, makes Question Evolution Day is more important than ever

After all, we are dealing with people who use bad science, worse logic, and are even willing to resort to fraud in order to buffalo people into believing in the evolutionary worldview. For example, we often get, "How about a Question Gravity Day?", which shows their ignorance of science and logic. Also, many are downright lazy, unwilling to do their homework on not only what creationists believe and teach, but research their own belief system. Reactions from village evolutionists (not reasoned responses, but emotional reactions) can often be summed up as, "You dare to question evolution? Boy, are you stupid! I'll attack people instead of ideas, that'll learn ya!"

EDIT: Evolutionists are so unwilling to let their religion undergo scrutiny, a BBC commentator may be barred from employment because he rejects evolution. His views on the subject have nothing to do with his job, but that doesn't matter in the world of the new atheo-fascism.

The Future

From what I've been seeing, the fifth annual Question Evolution Day has been the most successful yet, and I hope it continues to grow. Eventually, it will spread, and I will become an obscure footnote in the archives (after all, it's not about glory to Bob, but glory to God), and people will be continue to proclaim the truth of creation. Although each February 12 is a great day to unify and make ourselves heard, we need to be able to saddle up for the truth of creation every day. Ministries like this one, and others that I point to, seek to equip biblical creationists to present the faith. I pray that you will not only grow in your faith, but in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, and in knowledge of creation.