Revising the Revisions of the Dinosaur Die-Out

Wherever you go, media will tell you the tired old line, "Dinosaurs became extinct due to an asteroid impact 65 million years ago". It can be a kids' show, documentary, television comedy, a novel, news report, or whatever. Creationists have to endure it because we know that it's ridiculous, but it must grind the gears of many evolutionists, because that story is not a unified consensus. Why? Because some scientists cognate on how the impact "theory" fails on several levels.

The traditional dinosaur extinction by asteroid impact story is being augmented by allegations of climate change. Evolutionists keep changing the story because it does not fit the facts, which are best explained by the Genesis Flood.

A new speculation is that dinosaurs were on their way out anyway before the asteroid hit because of (wait for it) climate change. Naturally, a scientist managed to work the alleged conditions of the distant past into the human situation today. If you study on it a spell, you'll learn that the Genesis Flood has the best explanation for dinosaur diversity, selective extinction, and the observations of dinosaurs by modern humans.
Who will go back and fix the animations?

If the Chicxulub meteor finished off the dinosaurs, they were already on the edge anyway, a new theory proposes. The BBC News says dinosaurs were on the decline 50 million years before the impact. And why was that? With apologies to Bob Dylan, “A team suggests the creatures were in long-term decline because they could not cope with the ways Earth was changing.” Yes, music lovers, the times they were a-changing, just like climate change afflicts us today. “Your sons and your daughters / Are beyond your command,” Darwin told T. rex. “Your old road is rapidly agin’ / Please get out of the new one if you can’t lend your hand / For the times they are a-changin’.” T. rex didn’t have much of a hand to lend anyway. Climate change had determined that it was time for the mammals to take center stage.
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