Did Morality Come From God or Evolution?

Based on naturalistic presuppositions (especially fish-to-philosopher evolution), scientists are attempting to account for morality. This is frustrating for them because not only is there no consensus on this, but there is also not a shred of evidence to support the conjectures of secularists.

Secularists try to account for morality via evolution. There are many problems with this concept.
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These owlhoots believe that belief in God is an invention of man, but if that's the case, what right do they have to complain about people being religious, since we've evolved that way? Try as they might to deny the Creator that they know exists (Romans 1:18-23), atheists and evolutionists cannot avoid the fact that God is the source of morality. If you study on it, you'll realize that they are tacitly testifying to what Scripture says, that God has given us not only knowledge that he exists, but that he has put a sense of morality within us.
I make no apology for saying this: your opinion on this issue doesn’t matter, nor do the opinions of the authors of any of these studies cited here. Neither does mine, but there is something that does. With so many complexities and differences of opinion on the issue, it should become clear that the answer is not to be found among humans—at least not yet. Where, then, is the answer? Ironically, many have come to the conclusion that the issue is not simple enough even to come to a conclusion. If there were no God, and there were no revelation about Him, it would be reasonable to come to the same conclusion—if reason could even be said to exist.

The issue of morality is tied up in many concepts, which doesn’t help make the issue any more comprehensible. Often the idea is presented more as the evolution of religion or the evolution of a concept of God (as if it’s fully out of the picture to acknowledge even the possibility of one that’s revealed Himself at all to us)—or even of altruism and social graces, cooperation, society, supernatural phenomena, generosity, and so on. Admittedly, covering all of these topics merit separate considerations, but there is a common thread that will be discussed in this paper.
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