Secularists Complaining about Evolved Morality

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

All right, I give up. I've been caught and have to admit that I've been deceiving all y'all for over five years, using thousands of articles and posts here and other places of my own and where I guest post. The evidence is conclusive (click for larger):

It would be ridiculous for me to try to withstand such logic and morality, since I am but dust and ashes, and he has the Mighty Atheist™ intellect. There is no need to cite more than the first sentence of this post's introduction, or examine the abundant material offered at the link. So, this is my last post. This site and The Question Evolution Project will be shut down, and I will cease my guest activities on other sites.

Now we'll wait for Haywire the Stalker to cherry-pick these sentences and find other ways to misrepresent me again. And why not? He's an evolutionist and a professing atheist (except for when he claims to be an agnostic), so he is acting in a manner consistent with his worldview. Still, being called a liar by a liar really burns my prairie schooner

What do these people hope to accomplish by demonizing Christians and biblical creationists? How does their activity solve any alleged problems, instead of simply making them look like angry rattlesnakes? They want to punish us and feel better, I suppose. They tell us we're wrong, won't listen to our side of the story, throw links at us from anti-creationist and atheopatic sites, and claim victory.

But wait! To biblically answer a fool according to his folly so he is not wise in his own eyes, let's go with it for the sake of argument. Suppose I did lie, and have been lying all along. I have challenged him (and others) to explain why it would be wrong for me to lie and do other negative behaviors that are common among modern atheists. In addition, I have pointed out that disagreements on the interpretations of evidence (and expressing opinions on the subjects) is not lying; science is supposed to thrive on challenge, not on protecting evolutionary dogma from examination, old son.

In our last exciting episode, the question was raised, "Did Morality Come From God or Evolution?" The answer is clearly not from evolution. If morality did evolve, then if I was lying (or stealing, committing adultery, coveting, a drunkard, etc.), then I'd be acting naturally and doing what I reckon is necessary to survive. Or it's because of global climate change, since that's a convenient "explanation" for behavior and other things, right?

Evolutionists proclaim a materialistic origin of morality. When they complain when someone steals from them, they are affirming biblical morality, not materialism.
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Evolutionists are proclaiming their worldview as a natural thing, and yet they get burrs under their saddles when people act in accordance with their beliefs (see "Science Business Without God"), and fail to see the influence of religion in their own theories.

Science journals are mighty agitated because someone is making their material available online for free. Alexandra Elbakyan is using her own morality and doing what she believes is right. But when Big Science loses money, the publishers complain — and they're not being consistent with the ethical views they're promoting. Instead, they are supporting what God says, that he created us with knowledge of right and wrong, and of his existence in the first place.
Piracy sparks indignation among advocates of the idea that morality is an evolved trait.

Know the major science journals and you will know Big Science. That’s where the attitudes of the vested interests of this major cultural force are reflected. Nature, Science, PNAS and other journals decide what’s trendy, what’s important. Their papers filter down to the popular media, whose reporters translate the jargon into sound bites for the masses. And as the official mouthpieces of powerful scientific organizations, the journals importune governments to further the interests of their constituents.

Journal editors, on the other hand, love to promote evolutionary psychology. Mind, religion, altruism – these are mere Darwinian adaptations, outcomes of natural selection. Only simple-minded religious throwbacks pay attention to commandments of punishing gods who say, “Thou shalt not steal” (9/06/15). Nature, for instance, just printed a letter from correspondents in Poland who are very concerned about an “anti-science wave” there, including a rise in creationism:
You can read the rest of that article (and I hope you consider reading the others that were linked earlier) by clicking on "Evolutionary Morality Backfires on Big Science". By the way, that remark about the prairie schooner? I stole that from Chris Plante.

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