Evolutionists Use Contrary Data to their Advantage

It's a wondrous thing to watch unbiased, objective evolutionary scientists prove their points by using the complex scientific approach of Making Stuff Up™. Actually, they want to advance their beliefs so much, and are so unwilling to say, "Hey, this data refutes our position!", that they will find ways to say that data actually supports what they are promoting. Square peg, meet round hole.

Evolutionary scientists are far from being objective and unbiased, and will contrive ways to force-fit contrary data into evidence for evolution!
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The link below will show you how they work with the sudden appearance of marine reptiles in the fossil record, the so-called evolution of the British, measuring the differences between apes and humans, contrived "explanations" of protein evolution, butterfly wing patterns, how homosexual behavior in beetles applies to the rest of the animal kingdom, and more. Darwinists pass this stuff off as "science" in their efforts to sidewind away from the evidence that clearly supports creation.

After the analysis, the author presents additional material for educational purposes and suggests, "Now it’s your turn. You’ve watched some Baloney Detecting on the above evolutionary claims; now try your hand at these others. Teachers may use this as a class assignment for middle or high-school grade levels. Demonstrate a couple in class, then assign some others for homework". This should be quite enlightening. To see "science" in action and then try your hand at Baloney Detecting, click on "Forcing Contrary Data into Evolution Stories".