Making Connections in the Brain

Once again, the more we learn about living things, the more there is to learn. Problem is, we don't rightly know what we need to learn. Especially the human brain. Noggin neurons are communicating, and some change as the need arises. Axons find ways to make connections and follow "beacons" to do so.

The specified complexity of connections in the human brain are becoming more difficult to fathom, making belief in evolution even more irrational.

Another interesting aspect is that messenger RNA gets involved in axon navigation. This specified complexity is further evidence of the wisdom of our Creator, and works against evolutionary paradigms. Evolutionists should use their intelligently designed minds, you savvy?
Scientists are beginning to be able to watch nerve cells reaching out and forming connections.

“'A day in the life of a synapse' reveals new facets of the adult brain,” a headline on Medical Xpress teases. Yes, even cells have a list of things to do today. Synapses are the gaps between nerves where the signal turns from electrical to chemical and back again. Why would nerves make that break instead of keeping things electrical, like humans do with their transmission lines? The answer may lie in a trait called “plasticity,” the ability to make rapid changes between connections.
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