Evolution and Bird Brains

Birds are getting evolutionists all a-twitter, what with being as smart as apes and all. Hard to believe that birds have a grain of intelligence, especially when they smack into our plate glass patio windows and all. But when they're out in the wild doing bird stuff such as navigating, finding food, staying alive and so on, then the brain power can be seen.

Darwinists are all a-twitter about the intelligence of birds rivaling that of apes, and the alleged divergence from the failed Tree of Life.
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You'd think that the bigger brains on apes means more cogitating, but brain size doesn't matter. The problem for evolutionists happens because of the diversity of birds and their fossil dating, and their supposed divergence on the failed Darwinian Tree of Life. That's because they were created separately, and nowhere near as long ago as evolutionists want to think.
Birds are as smart as apes, even though long separated in ancestral time according to Darwin.

Check out this snowy oil pictured on PhysOrg. It can fly 6,000 miles between the East Coast and the Canadian Arctic. A large male named Baltimore, the article says, was outfitted in 2014 with an advanced transmitter, allowing scientists to follow his movements. This bird can navigate, find food, escape predators like wolves. That takes a lot of brain power and know-how.

Scientists are wondering how birds can be just as smart as apes despite having gone their separate ways on Darwin’s tree of life since the first tetrapods climbed out of the water hundreds of millions of years ago in the evolutionary timetable. Scientists find that their brain architectures are remarkably similar in terms of wiring and basic architecture. Even dodos, PhysOrg now claims, were not the dummies they are often made out to be. They “might have been quite intelligent, a new study says.”
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