Hello There, Honey!

Gotta admit that an article on honey didn't get my excitement meter buzzing, but when I read it, I realized that it was actually quite interesting.

"Oh, look! A bee!"

Yeah, I see it, too. One thing I learned is that there are about 20,000 species classified as bees, but only seven of them make honey. These bees eat nectar and pollen (performing a service by visiting a whole heap of flowers every day and helping pollinate), and they make the honey for surplus food during the off-season.

The honey-making process of bees shows the skill of their Designer, and gives a nasty sting to evolution. Also, honey has some surprising medicinal and other properties.
Image credit: Freeimages / MMNoergaar
The whole hive process should be the envy of manufacturing companies. They have many workers collecting the supplies (using efficient built-in navigation systems), returning back to the hive, making the honey, doing construction and other hive-related activities — the expression "busy as a bee" was probably concocted before it was realized just how busy they really are. This testifies of the Creator's design and stings bacteria-to-beekeeper evolution, since all the mechanisms involved have to be in place at the same time, or they're worthless.

Best of all, they make more honey than they can use, and we eat the surplus. But be careful, honey and some other consumables are unsuitable for infants under one year old. It's more than a sweetener for my morning cereal or afternoon tea, honey has some surprising medicinal benefits. Hey, did you know it never goes bad?
From the earliest post-Flood times, ancient near-eastern cultures believed that honey was a gift from the gods. These descendants of Noah were aware that honey had medicinal properties: surviving records show how the ancient Egyptians used honey to prevent and cure various diseases, and heal wounds.

The first known official recognition of the importance of honey dates from the very beginnings of Pharaonic Egypt—the use of the title ‘Sealer of the Honey’. Egyptians involved in honey production were also known as ‘Bee keepers/Honey gatherers’.
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