Evolutionary Change Without Evolution

Evolutionists are invoking non-evolutionary change as support of evolution, and doing it in some jaw-droppingly bad ways.
It's downright amazing sometimes to see proselytizers of worm-to-welder evolution using things that have nothing to do with their paradigm getting all excited about their lack of evidence. It's unscientific and disingenuous when these owlhoots claim that loss of traits (whether actual or inferred), or even no change, is support for their worldview.

In the link provided below, we see that evolutionary scientists are going hog wild in Making Stuff Up™. They give credit to evolution for changes that have nothing to do with neo-Darwinism, and make evolution into an intelligent, choosing entity — which is the opposite of what evolution is all about. It's a huge amount of unnecessary work for the sake of denying the Creator credit for his work.

Elephants pass on education for the purpose of survival, is that educational selection? The brilliant colors on spiders are the work of a mysterious evolutionary force, as if the spiders were able to see and manipulate colors at will. The concept that dark-skinned people developed that trait for warmer climates, and light-skinned people developed their trait for different climates, is rejecting previous natural selection ideas, and submitting other kinds of natural selection. You can read about these, and other evolutionary "science", by clicking on "Non-Darwinian Biological Change". Watch for the extreme lack of evidence.