Lacking Belief in Platypus Evolution

The duckbilled platypus is presented as evidence for evolution, and Darwinists actually do this with a straight face. Although they assert that evolution happened, I lack belief and need convincing. When the critter was first discovered in 'Straya and shipped to the UK, the Brit scientists thought they were being pranked because it looks like several things put together. I've long maintained that the bigger prank is from God himself, who created it just to put a burr under evolutionists' saddles.

No evidence for platypus evolution
Modified image from Openclipart
Kind of like an otter, bill like a duck (that detects electrical impulses), the male's hind legs that have a venomous spur (not lethal to healthy humans), it lays eggs but is a mammal — and it's the poster boy for evolution? The fact is, evolutionists have never been able to explain it. Sure, they have excuses, and I've had people try to slap leather with me by throwing out links to propaganda sites — and it's just propaganda, no science, no models, just conjectures, speculation, and Making Things Up™. The goat rodeo of pretend science continues, Darwinists still cannot explain the platypus.
Evolution spectacularly fails to explain one of the planet’s most intriguing animals.

No contest. It was like watching a presumed world champion forfeit at the beginning of a highly-advertised boxing match. The National Geographic banner reads, “How the Venomous, Egg-Laying Platypus Evolved.” The tension in the arena is electric as the champion steps into the ring. The announcer introduces the champion and states the rules. Finally, NG will crush the creationist opponent by answering the long-standing challenge!
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