Genesis, Marriage, and Compromise

When someone sounds a warning that if something is allowed, something worse will follow, people often claim, "Ridiculous. That's the slippery slope fallacy", and dismiss the concern out of hand. However, if the concerns are presented reasonably and without hysteria, then rejecting them with the "slippery slope fallacy" label is disingenuous. To go further, working backward and seeing a progression of one thing leading to another is much more difficult to dismiss because the case is quite likely being proved.

Rebellion against the authority of Scripture can be shown to begin in Genesis and lead to the redefinition of marriage.
"The Descent of the Modernists", by E.J. Pace, 1922
A reasonable case can be made that when professing Christians reject the authority of Scripture beginning with Genesis, further compromises and rebellion ensue. Marriage is redefined, and the bad "logic" of comparing genetic differences such as skin color with volitional sexual activities. Recent history has shown this to be true, people reject their Creator and "progress" in the wrong direction. Liberal denominations reject the authority of the Bible that they claimed to believe in the past, resulting in disbelief of inerrancy, ordination of women, "Chrislam", even having to consider keeping an atheist woman as the pastor of a church, emphasizing "social justice" over the gospel, the many churches that do not teach repentance or teach from the Bible at all, and more. When it comes to homosexuality, there is compromise on the authority of Scripture as well as fallacious "social justice".
After the abolition of apartheid, under the new ‘broom’ African National Congress Government, in 2006 South Africa became one of the first countries in the world to legalize the ‘mirage’ of same sex marriage. As Creator, God has the right to, and has already defined marriage, and so any claim to a union outside of that definition is just a chimera. An argument often employed to justify homosexual marriage, was that discrimination against them parallels the discrimination against black people under the apartheid policies of previous South African governments, or the segregation policies prevalent in the U.S. until the 1960’s. South Africa’s first black President, Nelson Mandela, claimed to have turned from believing that homosexuality was wrong to supporting gay marriage based on this comparison.
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