No Place Like Earth for Life

Nice planet we have here. Why would we want to leave it? More than that, there's a great deal to show that Earth was made for life — nothing else is like it.

Some folks are excited about the possibility of sending a manned vehicle to Mars, and that would require a long period of time in space. Activity on the International Space Station is helping to ascertain what long periods in microgravity can do to a person, and it's not pretty. People have done some impressive things in space travel, but we've spent most of that time still benefiting from proximity to Earth. Those planet-sized deflector shields that God set up have protected us for a few thousand years.

Space is a dangerous place. There's a great deal to show that Earth was made for life — nothing else is like it.
Image credit: STS-116 / NASA
Even this close to Earth, spacefarers are exposed to high levels of radiation. Wonder what will happen between here and Mars, and on Mars? Meanwhile, over Venus way, the electric field is five times that of earth. Scientists wonder why. The moon Titan as well as Venus are losing metric tons every year, which is a problem for devotees of deep time; the solar system can't be as old as secular scientist say it is, and this electrical activity would have destroyed any water, if it had ever existed on Venus.

There are several other items that help illustrate that our Creator put us in a special place, and designed it to protect us. Also, Dr. Coppedge has increased his list of "habitable zone" items up to fourteen. To find out more, click on "Only Earth Is a Life Haven".