Professor David A. Lee Interviewed on Real Science Radio

Bob Enyart and Fred Williams interviewed Professor David A. Lee of Patrick Henry College for Real Science Radio. Mr. Lee earned his bachelor's degree in geology at Clemson University, and his master's degree in paleontology at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. At Patrick Henry College, he teaches biology, earth science, and origins.

Prof. David Lee of Patrick Henry College is interviewed on Real Science Radio. Several topics are covered, including creationist Nicholas Steno, considered the founder of geology.
Split Mountain Campground at Dinosaur National Monument
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The discussion covered a variety of topics, with an emphasis on the Christians and creationists who founded modern science, such as Nicholas Steno. There are notes and links on the site that supplement the interview. To read, listen, download (all free) click on "Patrick Henry College Geology Prof. David Lee on RSR". Here's where to find the audio: