Christians Teaching Evolution to Children — YES!

Shielding children from atheistic interpretations of origins is not a good idea, because they will learn about common-ancestor evolution. It comes from all kinds of source, including entertainment, documentaries, friends — and education systems. Also, people need to know the predominant worldviews that they will encounter in life. This applies to public school, Christian school, and homeschooled students.

Your kids WILL learn about evolution. We should be the ones to teach them so we can give them the truth, and not the sanitized version they'll get in school and from the media.
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If you study on it a mite, you'll see that it's best for the young 'uns to learn about evolution from knowledgeable Christians. Otherwise, they'll be given the best "evidence" without the flaws, and conjectures presented as "scientific research". Sure, everyone interprets and examines the world around them in light of their own worldviews, but evolutionists are disingenuous, and actively oppose evidence that is contrary to evolution. That's not education, old son, that's brainwashing! They're not above lying in order to get people to believe in evolution, either. The end justifies the means?

Creationists are not afraid of facts, but we don't cotton to false interpretations of observations presented as "facts". Nor are we afraid of questions — at least, we shouldn't be, what with the abundant resources available and all. By the way, when your child asks a question you don't know the answer to, don't be ashamed to admit that you don't know — and then saddle up and ride the Creation Resources Trail, you savvy?
A blog post on the BioLogos website [in December 2015] explored the question, “When should you introduce your child to evolution?” Because the author presented evolutionary ideas “as describing how God went about developing life,” his overall answer to when to teach our children these things emphasized his high regard for this dogma. He asserted, “Evolutionary theory is certainly important and foundational and as Christian parents we want to expose our children to great science from a young age.”

The blog post referenced an NPR article written on this same question, though that article was primarily an endorsement of the children’s book titled Grandmother Fish: A Child’s First Book of Evolution. In contrast to the perspective of BioLogos, which at least appeals to God, the NPR article upheld evolutionary ideas as the appropriate corrective to the unsophisticated notion that God created the Earth and its inhabitants:
I'd be much obliged if you'd read the rest of the article. Just click on "When To Introduce Your Kids To Evolution".