Naturalistic Assumptions Hinder Science

Although I'm not too fond of repeating this, it's appropriate. There was a bumper sticker here in the US, "If it ain't country, it ain't music!" When it comes to secularists, "If it ain't naturalism, it ain't science!" Not only does such a worldview limit scientific investigation, scientists are unaware that they are hindering their own work. Plus, these owlhoots refute their own selves.

Some scientists are becoming aware that their naturalistic worldviews are hindering science. Unfortunately, they are unaware that they are refuting themselves, and they don't go far enough to discard their flawed worldview.
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We can see the trickle-down effect inherent in the naturalistic system with blatant anti-creationist bigotry, such as expressed when some learned about a creation science conference coming to Leicester, England. And horror of horrors, one of the subjects scheduled is "Creationism in the Classroom". Circle the wagons and load up the ridicule rifles since we can't defeat them with logic and science!

People like this assume the worst about us: creationists share their worldview, and either don't know what we're talking about (even though we often understand evolution and current science better than they do), or that we're simply lying. Sure, lying to get people to believe in the creator God who commands us not to. Makes perfect sense.

Leaving behind the materialistic village evolutionists, let's look at actual scientists and their presuppositions of naturalism. Some are catching on that they're making too many assumptions, but they don't go far enough and get to the root of the problem: evolutionary thinking and rejecting God the Creator.
The most dangerous ideology is the one that doesn’t acknowledge its worldview assumptions.

Several articles from the science news were partly successful noting the risk of assumptions in scientific theories. Unfortunately, none of them recognized the fundamental assumption of naturalism.
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