Accelerated Evolutionary Indoctrination of Children

Back in 2010, an atheopath on Twitter made a comment along the lines of, "Creatures are born atheist". I challenged him that his statement is an unprovable assumption. (Telling the truth gained me a stalker for a few years.) Shortly after, we learned that children are born believing in God! This supports what the Bible teaches.

Children are born believing in God, but secularists want to counteract that by brainwashing them into evolutionism as soon as possible.

But like any totalitarian knows, gotta get 'em while they're young and get that brainwashing going! Even though dust-to-Dawkins evolution is untrue, unprovable, untestable, unrepeatable, is a hindrance to science, is ignored in biological sciences, well hey, it must be taught, children must believe in evolution. Why? My answer is that these Darwinista owlhoots want more recruits in their rebellion against the Creator, so they are getting more aggressive and Machiavellian in their tactics, including "reeducation". Interesting that the atheistic Soviet Union not only imprisoned, tortured, and executed Christians, but sent them to psychiatric facilities for "treatment". How long until that happens here? No worries mate, atheists are benevolent. Just ask the Christians in past and present communist-run countries.

Christians and other thinking people, are you doing your part to learn how to answer the kids when they come home from the government-controlled indoctrination centers? (They call it "education", but when we teach our children about biblical truth, we're accused of "indoctrination". Quite the opposite.) This site points you to other useful sites, and presents a host of information for your education and edification. Please use it.
A report by Dartmouth Medical School (USA) concluded that “Human beings are biologically primed to seek moral and spiritual meaning” and children’s “capacity and desire for spiritual experience are, to some degree, hard-wired.” According to Dr Justin Barrett, a senior researcher at Oxford University’s Centre for Anthropology and Mind, young children have faith even when they have not been taught about God by the family or at school. Even those who grew up alone on a desert island would come to believe in God, he suggests. Psychologist Dr Olivera Petrovich noted that Japanese children spontaneously attribute the natural world to the work of a creator God, even when this is contrary to the beliefs of their parents and teachers.

A recent article in The Guardian, authored by Nathalia Gjersoe, reported some new research into the beliefs of young children. Scientists noted two very specific views, held instinctively, which help explain why children have a natural tendency to believe in creation. The first is that different kinds of plants and animals are distinct from one another and that one kind will not change into another. The second is that everything in nature has been designed for a purpose. Significantly, these views are equally common in children from religious and non-religious backgrounds.
I hope you will read the rest of this article. Just click on "Evolutionising the young". ADDENDUM: This article from 2021 shows how desperate these sidewinders can be in brainwashing children. See "Educators Scheme to Indoctrinate Children into the Darwin Cult".