Creationist Shoots Down Old Earth Icon

Creationary scientists have to keep secular scientists honest. Or at least, to point out their errors. It seems that one of the guidelines for both common-ancestor evolution and old Earth concepts is, "If it supports our view, valid". One of the icons of uniformitarian geology used to support deep time is the Milankovitch (astronomical) theory. The basic idea is that secular views of multiple ice ages in Earth's past were caused by changes in it's orbit and rotation over long periods. However, these owlhoots are assuming long ages to prove long ages, and making a passel of assumptions in the process. That's neither logical nor scientific, old son.

Since secularists won't do their own work, creation scientists have to do it for them. Here, an icon of uniformitarian principles is shown to be fundamentally flawed by Dr. Hebert of ICR.
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Secularists ignore a wagon-load of evidences for a young Earth (they don't fit the paradigm), preferring dubious radiometric dating methods instead. Milankovitch's work has been used in support of not only their credenda for deep time, but also to support climate change. A scientific paper was used in support of Milankovitch's ideas was "Variations in the Earth’s Orbit: Pacemaker of the Ice Ages", back in December 1976. Dr. Jake Hebert of the Institute for Creation research gave this paper some serious examination, and found it to be fundamentally flawed — it should have been discarded long ago.

In three rather technical articles. Dr. Hebert explains the Milankovitch theory, how the Genesis Flood is the best explanation for the Ice Age and Earth's magnetic field reversals, and more. He also furnishes links to his very technical articles on the "Pacemaker" paper.