Dealing with Anti-Creationist Misrepresentation

Seems that just about everyone has an opinion, and lots of folks want others to know their cleverness. Problem is, many of them give equal cogitation to deeper matters as well as their favorite seasoning in a casserole. Not helpful. In fact, such uninformed (and often prejudicial) conjectures are actually harmful because of the negative reactions they provoke in others, and reinforce negativity in those expressing the opinions.

Too often, anti-creationists and other atheopaths go on the attack. They have their opinions to inflict on others, but they neglect research on the subjects. Here's an example of hate speech getting dismantled.

Secularists are famous for demonizing Christians, and especially biblical creationists, for denying materialism and common-ancestor evolution. Quite often when they catapult their atheopathic sentiments at The Question Evolution Project, we feel there's no reason to give them a platform for odious rhetoric based on bad logic and little (usually no) research. Here's an example of a hateful reaction that is eradicated by a knowledgeable creationist. Although the article is from 2004, the material is still quite valid today.
people like you are dangerous. the lies you spread are dangerous. they are leading right back into the Dark Ages, complete with slavery and the persecution of seekers of knowledge. creationism is a poor excuse to start spreading racist lies such as: there must be a reason for god to have created different races and hence each race is of “different value”. living in germany and being well aware of european history and knowing that the u.s. (a great nation, based on the ideas of enlightment) exist only because certain individuals have dared to explore and topple quaint thinking i am particularly shocked to see a lot of people in America following this folly. but i guess with a chimp for a president who also believes in creationism, the decline of american ideas and values is no wonder…
To see Dr. Sarfati's devastating response, click on "Anti-creationist slanders are back-to-front: the evolutionary basis for racism, eugenics and Nazism".