Four-Legged Snake Fossil Still Disputed

In August 2015, I ran some material about a fossil that was allegedly a snake with four legs, and this puzzled paleontologists. Instead of falling by the wayside after village Darwinists trumpeted this fossil as evidence for evolution, the subject is still disputed. Is it a lizard, or is it a snake?

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Ever notice that when evolutionists disagree, they're just scientists doing what scientists do, but if biblical creationists are not in lockstep, somehow that becomes proof that creationists are wrong, or even lying? Double standard. But I digress.

Another interesting fact is that Evo Sith are up to their usual tricks of saying a loss of features is evidence of the increasing complexity of evolution, such as the blind cave fish or elephants losing their tusks. (Sounds silly to me, too.) So, if it's a snake, and it lost legs, somehow, it becomes a transitional form? That'll be the day! They cannot find solid transitional forms because scum-to-snake evolution never happened. Lizards, snakes, stalkers (but I repeat myself), ponies, fish, people — they were created.
Last year [2015] scientists reported discovery of a fossilized four-legged snake—the first ever found. Evolutionists disagree as to whether snakes evolved from marine lizards or legged terrestrial lizards, so this discovery weighs heavily on that debate. Hailed as a transitional form between modern snakes and their supposed terrestrial lizard ancestors, Tetrapodophis amplectus is now the subject of heated controversy.

Another group of scientists told a standing-room-only crowd at this year’s meeting of the Society for Vertebrate Paleontology that the little four-legged animal was just a lizard, not a snake in transition to leglessness. “Tetrapodophis doesn’t show any of those features that you would expect to see in a snake,” says Michael Caldwell, who led the newer study. Caldwell says, “Every single character that was identified in the original manuscript as being diagnostic of a snake was either not the case or not observable.”
To read the resssssst of the article, click on "Four-Legged Snake Fails as a Transitional Form and Perhaps Even as a Snake".