Propagandists for Foreign Deities

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

My unregistered assault keyboard is ready to keep on going into 2017, and I'm looking forward to giving you more things to think about that refute evolution and support biblical creation. (Darwinistas object when you tell the truth about them, and the dogmas they insist upon.) Let's get going.

The Apostle Paul managed to get quite a bit of attention in his time, and it was often explosive. When he and Silas preached in Greece, they outcry was that they "troubled the world" or "turned the world upside down" (Acts 17:6 ESV). He was called a "pest" by an enemy (Acts 24:5). They preached to pagan evolutionists in Greece ("preaching" was more of an explanatory dialogue), who had many gods, and they didn't cotton to hearing the truth of the one God. Worse than that, Paul proclaimed that God is the Creator and Sustainer of all things (Acts 17:24-25), which prompted some evolutionists and other philosophers to ridicule, and others were angrier than a burlap sack full of rattlesnakes. Paul had a tendency to upset the status quo.

Going into 2017, biblical creationists can follow the Apostle Paul's example and turn the world upside down. We're using the truth of creation as well as the gospel message.
The Apostle Paul, Rembrandt, 1657
The awkward and deservedly neglected New English Bible of 1961 translated a reference to Paul as, "He would appear to be a propagandist for foreign deities" (compare the NASB translation of the same passage in Acts 17:18). Back yonder, science was flourishing in a Christian environment, but uniformitarians and evolutionists commenced to hijacking science; they became propagandists for foreign deities. That is, the confused pantheism and intelligent being status of evolution. Evolution is written as making decisions, other times it is a force.

Look where we are today. Advocates of common-ancestor evolutionism asseverate their position as scientific fact, but that is the opposite of the truth. Such evolution has not been observed, and cannot be tested, repeated, or be subjected to empirical methods. Surprise, neither can creation! Both are belief systems about the past that use science to make sense of the data. Evolution fails, hence the need of its adherents to use logical fallacies (such as equivocating "change" with "evolution"), fudged data, poor peer review, and outright fraud. Unfortunately, people believe this stuff, and are conditioned to think that biblical creationists are "science deniers" or some such, some get so haywire about our message that they are more than happy to misrepresent and even lie about us.

Going back to the book of Acts, many Christians believe that a great example of an evangelistic message is the one Peter gave in Acts 2:14-42. The context was that he was preaching to monotheistic Jews, so he didn't need to lay the groundwork. Today, pagan evolutionism is dominant, so we need to go back to the creation message. That's what Paul did with the pagans in Acts 17:22-34.

Biblical creationists are upsetting the status quo. Anti-creationists circle the wagons and brandish their shootin' irons (that is, use any means possible) to protect their false faith. They use inadequate investigation, offer opinions and speculations instead of actual science, misrepresent and libel creationists, willingly engage the fallacy of conflation between "evolution" and "science", and are sympathetic with the spurious perfidy of theistic evolutionist and old Earth creationists who corinthianize Scripture. Such activity shows that God gave them over to depraved minds for rejecting his Word (Rom. 1:28-32). Although outnumbered (or are we, really?) we have the truth of God's Word, the gospel, the Spirit, and science on our side. In the eyes of secularists, we are the ones who are propagandists for foreign deities by advocating God the Creator over Darwin. Let's keep turning the world upside down!