Dinosaurs Done in by Dark Matter?

The hands at the Darwin Ranch have come up with another "theory' about the extinction of the dinosaurs. Why would they do a thing like that? Because none of the theories that have been passed around present adequate explanations of data. Also, someone needed money, so she wrote a book.

Since none of the current theories of dinosaur extinction work, a cosmologist made a new one. No facts or science, though.

Years ago, I was giving presentations about creation science and evidence against evolution. One thing I forcefully stated was that evolutionists present layers of "theories", but they are flawed all the way down to the foundation. In this case, a cosmologist invokes dark matter. This stuff is a rescuing device for the Big Bang, and has never been demonstrated to exist (so they keep making excuses for its absence instead of admitting it's paralogical). The spurious theory also involves the fictitious Oort Cloud, another rescuing device for the fact that comets would have been exhausted in an old universe. What stymies this child is how such pedagese not only gets accepted for publication, but is seriously considered, and Darwin's Drones unthinkingly accept words in their anti-creationist favor because it's from a scientist.

The best explanation for dinosaur extinction is the drastic changes on Earth after the Genesis Flood. Dinosaurs lived a while (a fact to which historical records attest), were probably hunted by humans, had trouble with the changed climate, and so forth. As for the dark matter thing that is fact- and science-free, don't be invoking stuff that doesn't exist and call it a theory, savvy?

Dark matter has been invoked to solve many vexing problems in astrophysics and cosmology. Now it seems it has been invoked to solve the evolutionists’ problem of extinction of the dinosaurs.

American theoretical physicist and cosmologist Dr Lisa Randall has developed a breakthrough five dimensional warped geometry theory. About two years ago she proposed a new hypothesis on dark matter which suggests the mysterious invisible substance that allegedly dominates the universe played a role in killing the dinosaurs. She even has written a book on it — Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs. In the book her new theory is summarised as follows.
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