Adam Was a Man, Not a Myth

Genesis account creation of Adam not dependent on ancient Near East texts

It is not uncommon for atheists to use selective citing from the Bible, cherry-pick incomplete or utterly false "facts" attributed to history, and a wagon train-full of dreadful reasoning in their efforts to claim that the Bible is untrustworthy. Then they cheer their own brilliance, which is merely justification of their rebellion against our Creator. 

One method is to find some similarities between ancient Near East texts and the book of Genesis, and then claim that Genesis took its inspiration from pagan sources. While there are some similarities, there are also very distinct differences that show how Genesis is unique. Those get ignored to preserve the narrative and reach the conclusion that Adam did not even exist. No need to do thorough research or logical thinking, or consider that the ANE texts were inspired by true history (which is found in Genesis), then corrupted in other texts. See how that works?

Unfortunately, there are liberal "Christian" owlhoots who want to reject Scripture as well, and the best way to do that is at the beginning. This child wonders if the liberal religious folk realized that they're not only supporting atheism, but undermining the gospel message itself.
It is popular for many people to think that the account of Adam’s creation is just another myth from the ancient world. Many evangelical scholars today accept that the biblical account reflects the worldview of the ancient Near East. They accept this, believing that these other accounts of the creation of man pre-date Genesis. Of course, this brings the Bible’s authority into question.
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