Muddying Mosasaur Evolution

The expression blinded by science seems more popular in the UK than in the United States (I only know of it from the Thomas Dolby Song), but it seems to be a way of baffling people with big words. Apparently this is most effective when discussing science subjects with non-scientists. Sort of like, "Sometimes I use words I don't understand so I can sound much more photosynthesis". Also useful when using the complex scientific principle of Making Things Up™.

Credit: Warpaintcobra at
A slice of evolutionary dogma tells us that everything evolved in the sea, a bunch of critters moved to dry land, and some went back to the sea. There is no evidence for this except in Darwinoid mythology, but not in science. (Seems to be yet another wild-eyed attempt to deny the truth of creation, don't you think?) Some of those apparently dissatisfied living a dry life were mosasaurs. Using a heap of circular reasoning, blinding-by-science-jargon, unsupportable assertions, and so forth, scientists provide "answers" that actually say nothing at all with their jargon shuffling.
The tricks of the Darwin trade come out in force to explain these aquatic reptiles that evolutionists maintain came from land lizards.

To understand an evolution paper, you have to learn to look past the overconfident words. “Mosasauroid phylogeny under multiple phylogenetic methods provides new insights on the evolution of aquatic adaptations in the group,” claim six authors publishing in PLoS One. OK, want some insights?
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