Creationists Mining DNA Gold

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DNA is a gold mine of information refuting evolution and supporting creation
Credit: Pixabay / ColiN00B
Evolutionists are getting on the prod because things they thought would fortify their claims end up refuting them, and biblical creationists are seeing how failed evidence "evidence" actually supports special creation. One of the most frequent sources of evolutionary agitation is DNA. Some Darwinoids occasionally claim that DNA supports evolution, but it's easy to wonder if those owlhoots have any idea what's really happening in science.

Years ago, the human genome was improperly sequenced, and simplistic views dominated for a spell. After serious research was conducted through the ENCODE project and afterward, scientists are discovering that they still have a great deal to learn. Non-coding DNA has many important functions, epigenetic changes in the DNA molecule, gene splicing, the way DNA has built-in repairs, and much more. Evolutionists admit that they do not know where DNA came from, and claims of time, chance, mutations, and so forth are increasingly ridiculous. No, DNA and RNA are among the many products of our Creator that are inexplicable to evolutionists.
Decades ago, high school and college students learned the basics of how the molecule of life—DNA—contained segments called genes that code for proteins. Today, that rather simple concept is entirely inadequate to explain what really happens at the genetic level and how DNA functions. Recent discoveries have caused a major paradigm shift in our knowledge of the nature of DNA, and none of the findings provide evidence for evolution at any level.

Consider the following statement by famed evolutionist Eugene Koonin and his colleague:
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