Cheating on Origin of Life Studies

I keep a-warnin' ya, don't be playing cards with the hands at the Darwin Ranch when they head out from Deception Pass and ride into town on payday. Those rapscallions don't like the hands they're dealt, and cheat mighty fierce like. Evolutionists are known for equivocation, such as equating change with evolution, and seeing "evidence" of evolution practically under every bush. Some even try to fool us by saying that abiogenesis (origin of life, OOL) has nothing to do with evolution (those are the ones who know abiogenesis is impossible), or say it happen out in space, and other trickery. Then they commence to working on origin of life experiments anyway.

Public domain photo credit: New York Public Library
We've read stories from the wild-eyed science press going after sensational claims about life being made in a laboratory, but what was obtained was primarily a few amino acids that were pretty much useless by themselves. (From the Irony Board: schooled people using high-tech equipment under specific intelligently-designed conditions are used to show that life happened by chance. Quite a bit of work to deny the Creator his due!) Hornswoggling can be seen in the famous Miller-Urey experiment, and it continues today. If you study on it a spell, if evolution wasn't a pseudoscience, Darwinists wouldn't need to tamper with data or do other dealing from the bottom of the deck in the laboratory. Question their integrity, though, and step back a mite and watch the fireworks.
If accountants cooked the books like this, they’d serve jail time.

Suppose your financial planner tells you, “I have good news and bad news. The good news is that in five years, you’ll be a billionaire! The bad news is that you need to come up with 750 million dollars that I can invest for you.” That’s what evolutionary origin-of-life theorizing is like. As long as they can cheat, they can accomplish anything.
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