More On Dinosaur Feather Fake News

Remember all that hoopla about a "dinosaur feather in amber", or even "feathered dinosaur tail trapped in amber"? For that matter, remember the criticism of the Jurassic Park/World movies because it did not show feathered dinosaurs? How about the bumps that were claimed to be possibly maybe they hope the beginnings of feathers, but nothing was really found? That's the result of evolutionary zealots spreading fake science in their desperate attempts to deny the Creator. They do that. It's who they are.

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The lapdog press of the secular science industry was glad to spread sensationalistic stories, and the Evo Sith were more than happy to wave this "evidence" in the faces of creationists and say, "Aha! Gotcha!" As usual (and often before scientists are ready to make definitive claims), further examination reveals that Darwin's enthusiastic disciples were asserting too soon. Dinosaur feather? Sorry, old son, but the feather was not attached to a dinosaur. Now we have secular scientists admitting that the smoking gun was not even loaded. But we knew that, because there is no evidence that dinosaurs evolved at all, let alone, evolved into birds. (Not all evolutionary scientists believe in the dino-to-birds story anyway.) Dinosaurs were created on the sixth day, like we were.
Scholarly illustrations, museum mock-ups, and even children’s cartoons show tyrannosaurs covered in feathers. Two new fossil descriptions give reasons to doubt the tales of feathered dinosaurs.

Perhaps God did create some creatures that we might call “dinosaurs” with feathers on their bodies—it’s hard to tell. After all, most of the fossils with bona fide feathers were definitely birds, and the questionable ones could also represent some strange, extinct, bird kinds. Other fossils including real dinosaurs have simple filaments that some call “feathers” but others say are decayed skin fragments. More observations from more fossils should help clear the confusion.
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