Life on Earth Protecting Life on Earth?

Way back when I was a young'un, my mother wanted me to clean up my room. After I reluctantly gave in and cleaned at it, she would do the real cleaning, the stuff I was too young and unskilled to do. I reckon most parents know this scenario very well. Those with superior knowledge, skills, and experience need to help out those who are lacking in certain areas.

New studies indicate our Creator put organisms and chemistry in place to protect Earth.
Credit: Pixabay / moritz320
It seems strange, but it appears that Earth was set up to do some of the same things. We know about the planet-sized deflector shields, but there are things happening on the small end of the scale as well. An oil spill makes the news and people are expecting current conditions (and what is actually known right here and now) to remain constant. That idea doesn't work. There are plastics in the oceans, but the amount seems to be remaining the same, if not decreasing. Bacteria may be breaking down the oil and the plastics. Some owlhoot may say that the abilities evolved, but oh wow boy howdy, that's mighty fast evolution! The more likely explanation is that certain organisms already have these abilities, as was designed by our Creator. There is a great deal to learn about what's happening in small places. 

The most effective way to curtail erosion in Florida is nothing that we've done. Instead, it's mangroves. Far more effective than salt marshes and human efforts, and they also increase sediment deposits. Tree-mendous!

Even the atmosphere has activity that needs (wait for it) to be studied further. Even so, there is activity by hydroxyl radicals that help break down pollutants. Finally, radicals that don't burn dumpsters or try to kill us, but are actually helpful. Yes, I used a fallacy of ambiguity on "radical" to be humorous. In addition, the interconnected systems are controlling climate change in ways that also need further study.

So, God has apparently designed some thing on Earth to clean up after us, but that's no excuse to say, "Dad will take care of stuff", because we are supposed to be good stewards of the world he gave us, you savvy? To read more about the items touched on above, click on "Life Helps Protect the Planet".