Astronomical Anomalies Support Creation

Years ago, Carl Sagan, the high priest of secular cosmology, gave the melancholy pronouncement that the cosmos is all there is. He also indicated that Earth and our solar system are nothing special. Although Sagan was using the scientific principle of Making Things Up™ and giving his religious opinion instead of science, he was also using some of the information available at the time. We know a wagon train-load more now.

The universe is not the product of billions of years of cosmic evolution, but was created recently.
Credit: NASA / Jenny Mottar
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Materialistic cosmology and cosmogony are unable to come up with convincing explanations for the origin of the universe, our solar system, and even moons around our planets. Observable data do not fit their computer models. In fact, there are instances of objects out yonder that seem to have uncooperative attitudes.

Planets orbiting other stars seem to be spread out evenly, but on our own spread, planets are less tidy. The planets also have tremendous variations in size. Of course, rescuing devices are ordered from the excuse mill. Then we have the problem of dust clouds that do not form planets.

In worse news (for secularists), planetary formation conjectures are hostile to the formation of the earth's core: it should not even exist! A proposed rescuing device needs rescuing itself. Perhaps they could make a better case for Pellucidar, since they like storytelling and all.

A simple fact that infuriates proponents of deep time is how, using the rate of lunar recession (no, not financial, the moon is receding from the earth at a known rate), the solar system cannot be as old as materialists claim. There is also the Faint Young Sun Paradox, a no-win situation for evolution, where the sun would have to be colder if the solar system was old, so life could not have evolved. Scientists are working on a model to try to solve both problems at once.

Evidence strongly indicates a young, recently-created universe that is not the product of cosmic evolution through billions of years. I reckon I've given you enough teasers. You can read about the above items and more in these two articles:

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