Butterfly and Flower Evolution Problems

If you have a mind to, check some of the last few posts. There is an unintended theme of sorts regarding how evidence in astronomy, geology, and biology work against the timelines and belief systems of secular scientists. They try to tame those wild stallions and bring them into the corral by coming up with all sorts of rescuing devices.

Butterfiles existed before flowering plants supposedly evolved, evolutionists are busy making rescuing devices
Credit: Freeimages / luis rock
Here is another series of reports regarding butterflies, moths, and flowers. The fluttering insects were found to have existed many millions of Darwin years before flowering plants were supposed to have evolved. But butterflies live off the nectar of flowers. Also, they have that very long strawlike mouth thing (proboscis) that is specialized, but would be pretty much superfluous until flowering plants got around to evolving. I reckon believing in universal common ancestor evolution is akin to believing in leprechauns, since both require believing despite logic and evidence, not because of them.

Rescuing devices were proposed, but as we saw before, they only raised other questions and did not help the situation much. What really happened is that plants and insects were created within a short time of each other just a few thousand years ago. No excuse-making needed when you deal with the truth.
New fossil evidence puts the squeeze on Darwinians, making butterflies appear suddenly, with complex mouth parts, before there were any flowers to pollinate. Time to rescue the theory again.

Keeping the evolutionary story consistent is like having to modify a play with the characters constantly making their entry earlier than they were supposed to. We’ve seen that numerous times. The latest is about butterflies (Lepidopterans), the darlings of the insect world. Reporters are scrambling to keep the crown on King Charles (Darwin) in the aftermath of fossil butterfly scales found in Jurassic rock they claim is 70 million Darwin Years older than the evolution script says they were supposed to appear on stage. This means they appeared already as modern-looking butterflies 200 million Darwin Years ago.
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