No Chance for Naturalistic Origin of Life

Although I tend to shy away from probability arguments about evolution and the origin of life (naturalists cling to that one zillionth of a chance), they do serve a purpose. In this case, the probability of life arising all by itself from minerals through time, chance, and random processes is essentially nonexistent. Someone who says it is impossible is not lying or uninformed, but those who distance themselves and say that "the origin of life has nothing to do with evolution" are lying or uninformed.

For life to arise by itself is essentially impossible. Evolutionists tell almost plausible stories, but they leave out important details.
Credit: Freeimages / Nate Brelsford
Darwinists tell some interesting stories about conditions on "primordial" Earth way back when, and how molecules formed amino acids, cells, and other microscopic things, eventually up to humans. The stories almost seem plausible, and colorful graphics help, but evolutionists leave out important information, and even resort to dishonesty to keep their failed evolutionary religion afloat, and to deny the work of the Creator. 

Presentations make the stories look like established facts, but leave out the fact that secular scientists are not in agreement about many aspects of the origin of life. Let's take a more in-depth look at the steps involved and see the foolishness of the materialistic origin of life scenarios.
The hypothetical naturalistic origin of life and its most basic biomolecules from non-living matter is called abiogenesis. This paradigm lies at the very foundation of biological evolution, but the immensity of its naturalistic improbability is often brushed aside by evolutionists, who prefer to focus on other facets of evolution that seem less daunting.
While virtually all of the evolutionary story lacks empirical support, its greatest impediment is the fundamental problem of how life first arose. Ultimately, life requires DNA, RNA, and protein in a system in which each molecule is dependent on the other two to both exist and function in the cell.
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