No More Room for Doubt — Neanderthals were Fully Human

Creationists have been saying for a mighty long time that Neanderthal people were fully human, and the evidence from paleoanthropologists and others continues to affirm this fact. Evidence for the humanity of Neanderthals, including the inner ear, interbreeding (sharing DNA) with modern humans, facial differences between us and them are minor, home organization, heating water, and advanced art techniques help make the conclusion of the humanity quite solid (see "Losing Face to Neanderthals" for more, including links). 

Wonder how Neanderthals would have worked with modern pain supplies?
Credit: Freeimages / kelly suzuki
Of course, facts will not stop some uneducated anti-creationists from digging up irrelevant rescuing devices and outdated links. Since their phantasmagorical death cult needs every scrap of tendential "evidence", some folks will never admit that this battle is over.

The possibility that they were in Spain was met with hesitation, and cave paintings over thataway were compared with those in France and found to be older according to secular dating methods.


Now their art (which shows cognition greater than Darwinists want to believe) is getting well established. They were not the product of evolution, but were created in the image of God. I wonder what those artists would have done with modern paint supplies and canvases?
They were strong, skilled hunters, with large brains. They interbred with ‘modern humans.’ But they have always been disparaged because they left no art. Till now.
At CEH, we are not surprised that Neanderthals made art, because they were fully human in our view. Some forms of art, like simple flutes and seashell jewelry, had been known, but all the famous cave paintings had always been attributed to so-called ‘modern humans’ who began leaving artwork in caves about 45,000 Darwin Years ago. Now, Science Magazine is reporting cave drawings 20,000 years earlier (or more) in Spain that could not have been made by modern humans because, according to the consensus evolutionary story, modern humans had not yet migrated into Europe. In the same issue of Science, Andrew Sugden summarizes the discovery:
To read the rest, click on "Neanderthal Art Found: Last Barrier to Full Human Status Falls". ADDENDUM: More evidence rises to indicate that Neanderthals—icons of brutishness—were every bit our equals, if not superior. See "Neanderthal Mocking Had No Basis".