Creation Science Research on the Sauk Megasequence

Both creationary and secular geologists have proposed ideas about how much of the continents were covered by water. Of course, biblical creationists want to answer questions about what went on during the Genesis Flood, and their counterparts have worked up the sea level curve model. Creationists generally believe that the Sauk Megasequence shows early stages of Flood coverage.

Research by creationists challenge some of the secular deep time models
Credit: Pixabay / James Alexander
Some owlhoots claim that creationists do not conduct research. That is false, but why let the facts stand in the way of prejudicial conjecture? Anyway, in this case, the folks at the Institute for Creation Research wanted to map the extent of the sedimentary rocks and test the sea level curve model. They learned that North America had minimal coverage during the Flood. Anti-creationists detest evidence for the Flood because it refutes their deep time mythology.
Numerous authors have speculated on the extent of the early floodwaters and on when the Flood peaked. Many questions remain unanswered. For example, did the Flood cover the continents early in the Flood year, recede, and then rise again? Did the waters rise once and peak around Day 150? Or was it some combination? Our latest research provides some answers.
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