Extra Functions in DNA Defy Evolution

There have been amazing discoveries in the genome in the fast few years, including epigenetics, the refutations of "junk" DNA and of human-chimpanzee DNA similarities, the long non-coding RNA, and much more. Naturally, Darwin bots try to spin defeat into victory, and you can be certain that the excuse mill will come up with "explanations" to deal with new information about hidden codes.

Hidden codes have been discovered in DNA, perhaps they were behind this door
Credit: Pixabay / Ingo Jakubke
No, not the kind of hidden codes such as biblical numerology or end-times date-setting, or seeing a cross in the protein laminin. These codes are scientific, not esoteric. Scientists did not know that the letters in DNA can form "words" with more than one use. They had to commence to searching.


Proteins need to fold, and they have to do it in just the right way, and some pause all activity until the folding is completed. Also, there are codons that regulate the way that DNA is copied into RNA. There is much more, and it is further evidence that belief in microbes-to-microbiologist evolution is absurd. The evidence also gives additional support that we were created by the Master Engineer.
Scientists are now discovering that our DNA really does have hidden codes that have a practical function and purpose in our cells. It’s like discovering a coded message that means one thing when you read it in English, but if you pull out every third letter, it means something completely different in French. How complicated is that!

Children in public schools are bombarded with claims that random processes can explain the messages encoded in DNA, and this creates doubt in the Bible’s claims about the Creator. So we need to keep up with amazing new discoveries like “messages within messages.” They confirm that DNA could never assemble haphazardly by evolution and confirm instead the label “Designer Required.”
To read the article (Dr. Purdom explains these concepts well for us reg'lar folk) or download the audio version by my favorite reader, click on "DNA's Hidden Codes".  


By the way, the author is one of the people that challenged Bill Nye to a public debate, which he dodged and preferred to ridicule Ken Ham.