Rapid Adaptation Supports Engineered Adaptability Model

Votaries of minerals-to-monk evolution generally accept the view promulgated by Darwin that evolution is the result of external "pressures". These cause organisms to adapt and evolve very slowly, eventually turning into something else. Some owlhoots support evolution through fake science and bad papers that often go unnoticed. Creation science, meanwhile, presents reality: designed, targeted, rapid adaptations programmed by the Master Engineer.

Engineered adaptability theorizes rapid change, evolution is the opposite
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Instead of external influences on organisms, evidence supports the continuous environmental tracking model. Things change, and they do it far more quickly than Darwin's disciples want. How about the showshoe hare? We know that it changes color from white to brown, and then back again. The change has changed as well according to the environment.

Some evolutionists are admitting that things change quickly. Then they deal from the bottom of the deck and refer to adaptation and change as evolution. Not hardly! Rabbits are still rabbits, geckos are still geckos, killifish are still killifish, and so on. I reckon that they've illegitimately smuggled in the word evolution so much that they've deceived their ownselves; they want to believe, evidence or not. The facts remain that Darwin was wrong, and our Creator is right.
The Institute for Creation Research is developing an engineering-based, organism-focused model called continuous environmental tracking (CET) to explain how organisms self-adjust to changing conditions. Our model anticipates that the adaptive solutions creatures express can also be characterized as directed, rapid, and highly targeted. As we’ve highlighted in this Engineered Adaptability article series, research results are aligning with this expectation.
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