The Pandemic of Unchallenged Darwinism

Here in these United States, we have laws against monopolies and racketeering. Sometimes they are even enforced. Unfortunately, since secular humanism (atheism, really) is the de facto state religion here and in other parts of the world, and monopolies on information cannot be restrained, evolutionary thought is mostly unchallenged. Especially in secular science publications, as even a hint of Darwin doubt is intolerable.

Since they refuse challenge, secularists have a great deal of nonsense passed off as actual science.
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On rare occasions, the censorship against creationists and Intelligent Design proponents is lifted enough so that something not overtly threatening to evolution is allowed for publication. But if those same folks knock at the science department's front door and says, "I have some science that challenges Darwin and/or deep time", then it's "Katie, bar the door!" and Darwin's disciples scurry away through the escape tunnel in the storage room. Meanwhile, creationists have to use their own resources to make information available because of the bigotry inherent in the secular science industry.


True science thrives on challenge and discussion, not on consensus and monopoly, old son. 

Since secularists control the information monopoly on science, weird stuff gets through unchallenged. Some of it is even contradictory. But because it was presented by secularists, they are given a pat on the head, a lollipop — and more grant money. Evolution made the laziest the most fit. No, wait! H. erectus was driven to extinction by laziness, never mind that neither fairy tale has any science or facts. Birds and plants in the cities show variations like their cousins in the wild, then Darwin is imported and conflation occurs.

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