Evolution and Lying

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Darwinists keep refuting themselves in the foot by attempting to define intangible things with empirical methods. This time, they are trying again to grapple with morality, specifically with lying. Why do we do it, when is it wrong, when is it right, and (get out your Charles Darwin Club Secret Decoder Ring™) how lying evolved. 

Evolutionists are trying once again to grapple with the morality of lying. What they found confirms what Bible believers have known for centuries.
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Keep in mind that these sidewinders have hijacked science to promote pantheistic evolutionism, and are living up to their abysmal standards such as "survival of the fittest" and "the end justifies the means" (especially in science education, why lying is acceptable). Since they are materialists, things like logic, the soul, and morality cannot be determined through their systems. By doing so, they are riding onto the Metaphysics Trail and outside of the empirical sciences they claim to uphold.

Let's take a side trail of our own, if'n y'all don't mind. What is lying? Some folks say something like, "I had scrambled eggs for breakfast — oh, I lied, they were poached". I detest that expression, because someone is correcting a mistake. Lying is not a disagreement on the interpretations of facts (Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein had disagreements, but the doesn't seem to be a record of them calling each other liars or somesuch). One angry popinjay spammer insists on calling me, and other biblical creationists, "liars" because he does not like what we say, so defamation is one of his weak attempts to silence us. How does he prove his claims? By diverting challenges and frantically reasserting that he has done so. Yet, with him and others of his species, the challenge of, "Suppose I really was lying, as you claim. How is that wrong according to an atheistic worldview?" hog ties them. To say that lying (or any other moral impropriety is wrong requires them to stand on the biblical worldview! 

Secular psychologists are rooted in evolutionary ideas. Dr. Albert Mohler discussed a report in The Washington Post, and one thing that stands out is how researchers determined that lying changes us in that it becomes easier to lie. That's not very startling to Christians. The apostle Paul refers to apostates (and, I believe he also refers to unbelievers) who are liars and had their consciences seared (1 Tim. 4:2). Our consciences testify to the moral law of God (Romans 1:32, 2:14-15). Even those who claim that they do not know God have their inner judge, the conscience, that contradicts them (Romans 1:18-23). A seared conscience is a dangerous thing.

Now I'm going to strongly urge you to listen to or read the first installment of The Briefing for August 29, 2018. Dr. Mohler has some very interesting remarks from a Christian worldview perspective about lying, evolutionary thinking, and secular science.