Rewriting Dinosaur Evolution Again

Once again, the hands at the Darwin Ranch have to put in overtime at the propaganda mill. This is because the story dinosaur evolution needs to be reconfigured and rewritten yet again. This post will link to three articles — I have five or six available, but that is asking too much of y'all.

Evolutionists have to rewrite the history of dinosaur evolution again.
Original image: The Passion of Creation by Leonid Pasternak, 1880s
"Why does it need rewriting again, Cowboy Bob?"

Evolutionists and other old-earth believers have their anti-creation assumptions and presuppositions. Then, they commence to plugging in data where it fits. When the data are recalcitrant to evolution, they torture the facts until they confess to whatever is needed. This includes changing the storyline. In today's exciting episode, we see how the narrative of dinosaur evolution keeps on shifting.

What really takes the rag off the bush is when Darwinists claim that they have evidence for evolution that actually works against evolution, or get all fired up over facts that simply lay there doing nothing. In this first article, we have a nice change where papers on largest dinosaur foot ever discovered prudently omitted evolution. We also have a huge dinosaur found in China that causes consternation, "appearing much earlier than expected" and forces timeline rewriting. Another big boy was discovered that also fouls up the timelines because of its development.
You have to squint hard to see the image of Charles Darwin in these bones. It works better if you close your eyes.

Evolutionists do not ‘own’ the history of dinosaurs, even though they pretend to. Do these fossils support the idea that dinosaurs evolved from smaller, simpler animals?
You can read about the three items listed above, and more, by clicking on "Dinosaur Era Fossils Fail to Support Evolution". Our panel of experts agree: no evidence for evolution.

Next up, we have a big pterosaur that evolutionists call "primitive". Why is it primitive? Because it is in the strata where critters existed that Darwinists have arbitrarily assigned "primitive" status. Also, a tinhorn managed to bring global warming into the story!
A large pterosaur in Utah is 65 million Darwin Years older than thought, but was already built for flying.

Very few pterosaurs are known from Triassic rock; this one is amazingly well preserved. What does evolutionary paleontologist Steven Brusatte think of it? He tells the BBC News,
Find out what Steve said, and more about bad pterosaur tales, by clicking on "Good-Flying Cosmopolitan Pterosaur Found Earlier Than Thought".

Finally, the first article linked above touched on the subject of a longneck dinosaur being found in the "wrong place". This one goes into more detail, and shows how Darwinoids are on the prod because the facts are a mite recalcitrant to their metaphysical opinions — that is, their beliefs are not based on actual science, but on rewriting history.
One of their most surprising results was that the new dinosaur was found in rocks well below all other similar diplodocoid discoveries. This fossil stretches the global time span of sauropods to include the early Middle Jurassic—about 174 million years ago, according to secular thinking. However, most diplodocoids, and sauropods in general, do not appear in strata until the Late Jurassic System which was supposedly about 160 million years ago.
To read the entire article, click on "Diplodocoid Dinosaurs Found in Unexpected Place". All of these instances of facts slapping leather with a good story could be mitigated if scientists had the proper starting point. Deep time, evolution, and other creation-defying assumptions simply do not work. The truth is that the world was created recently, and the Genesis Flood explains what has been found far better than secular beliefs.