WIMPing Out on Dark Matter Again

Secular astronomers and a few vacillating creationists believe in that elusive stuff called dark matter. It supposedly makes up the overwhelming majority of the stuff in the universe, but dark matter has never been seen, nor has any evidence for its existence been decisively indicated. I'll allow that some astronomers insist that dark matter has been indicated, but they set up a consequent to affirm and ignore other possibilities for explanations.

Cosmic evolution fails again with yet another attempt to find dark matter.
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Credit: X-ray: NASA/CXC/Univ of Missouri/M.Brodwin et al;
Optical: NASA/STScI;
Infrared: JPL/Caltech
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Many tests for dark matter have been set up, but they keep jumping the fence. An 80-day experiment by Chinese scientists was a spectacular failure where the PandaX detector thumbed its nose at researchers. They get mighty disappointed when failing to detect something that probably doesn't exist in the first place. Cosmic evolution fails again.

Since dark matter is essential to keep the faith in something they know isn't true (the Big Bang), secularists just keep on believing, and keep on contriving their rescuing devices. Of course, if they would stop rebelling against the Creator and admit that their cosmology is fundamentally flawed, they might be able to reach some valid conclusions and do something useful.
The Chinese didn’t find dark matter with their super-detector, but they still believe it has to be there.

Rafi Letzer reported in Live Science that the Chinese PandaX detector, one of the most sensitive detectors on the planet, has failed to find theoretical WIMPs (Weakly Interactive Massive Particles), a favored candidate for dark matter. He writes as if this is becoming a broken record. “Once again, dark matter has failed to turn up where researchers hoped they might find it.” PandaX should have been able to find WIMPs if they exist. It would see an occasional flash from detectors when a WIMP disturbs a xenon atom in the huge underground tank of liquid xenon.
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