A Toast to Dinosaur Soft Tissue Rescuing Devices

When an employer requires overtime, the employee is expected to work efficiently and accurately with available facts. Also, the use of intoxicants is not allowed. Seems that the hands at the Darwin Ranch (yonder near Deception Pass) are ignoring good work habits when they put in overtime at the excuse mill. Case in point, more shenanigans regarding soft tissues.

Evolutionists keep making excuses for the existence of dinosaur soft tissues. New discoveries and bad rescuing devices ensue.

When soft tissues were discovered in dinosaur bones and shown to be more than a fluke, evolutionists were stricken with the inability to explain what they considered impossible because they "know" that the earth is very old and that dinosaurs took a group dirt name millions of Darwin years ago. In today's exciting episode, we have some denial of reality with flagitious evoporn presented as science.

New Soft Tissue Discoveries

A Jurassic ichthyosaur was found with more than just remarkably-preserved tissues, but also skin and blubber. Good science was used to discuss the biology, but they ignored the ichthyosaur in the room: the age issue. In addition, bad science was utilized with "convergence" and other science-free excuses. Another find involved a special bone found in egg-laying animals, is very fragile, and only exists for the laying of eggs. This was from a Cretaceous bird. Once again, we see more evidence of rapid burial due to the global Genesis Flood.
Evolutionists are dodging hard evidence with an absurd excuse that soft tissue can last hundreds of millions of years.

Soft tissue in fossils violates everything paleontologists thought they knew about deep time. Proteins, DNA and tissue were supposed to decay and be replaced by rock in mere thousands of years, perhaps tens or hundreds of thousands of years at the very most. Now, the evidence for surviving original material is beyond question. Two more instances have been reported this week. So are evolutionists giving up on deep time? The thought doesn’t even enter their minds. Instead, they claim that the evidence proves that soft tissue can indeed last millions of years, and that it can help Darwin by providing more evidence for evolution. Both claims are false. Soft tissue destroys deep time. These fossils were recently buried.
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Toasting the Tissues

Mary Schweitzer suggested that dinosaur soft tissues were preserved by iron. She did a test under pristine laboratory conditions and extrapolated out to millions of unobserved and unobservable years, and Darwin's Flying Monkeys™ swoop down, playing "Gotcha!" with biblical creationists. Except that Schweitzer's ideas do not work, and evolutionists know it. That's why they keep working the excuse mill.

Scientists often get inspirations for studies from unlikely sources. That's a good thing; it shows they are being observant and commencing to ponder sciency stuff. Consider toasted bread. It is still bread but has undergone some changes, one of which is getting darker. So, compare this concept with dinosaur soft tissues. Add in presuppositions regarding deep time, that Darwin was on the right trail, and dinosaurs went extinct en masse, then you get the toast "hypothesis". These owlhoots need to cowboy up and face the facts that Earth is not so old after all, and there was a global Flood.
Evolutionists cannot deny the presence of soft tissue in dinosaur bones, but their explanation burns up in the heat of critical analysis.

Finally, some scientists have taken a hard look at the evidence of soft tissue in dinosaur bones. In Nature Communications, Jasmina Wiemann and six others, including noted paleontologists Derek Briggs and Mark Norell, bravely face the question: how can soft tissues that degrade rapidly still exist in fossils they believe are over 100 million years old? A press release from Yale is frank about the problem this poses for evolutionists who take long ages for granted:
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