Bird Evolution and Secular Miracles

To be an atheist or anti-creationists, someone has to believe in secular "miracles" of some sort. They believe in billions of years, the Big Bang, fish-to-fool evolution, and more despite evidence, not because of it. One of the most feather-brained bits of gullibility is that dinosaurs evolved into birds.

Believers in dinosaur-to-bird evolution have yet another problem to deal with. There is still more evidence that flying birds lived at the same time as dinosaurs.
Credit: RGBStock / Bern Altman
If you study on the notion for a spell, you'll see that there's a passel of changes needed — far more than just having dinosaurs grow feathers and wings, then shrinking. The bone structure, breathing apparatus, the complex feathers themselves, and more need to be considered. Quite a few miracles of evolution. There are some links to help you out at "No Evidence for Dinosaur-to-Bird Evolution".

Modern bird fossils are found in the Cretaceous, and other problems are found to thwart the evolutionary timeline. The birds are extinct, but they lived and flew when dinosaurs lived. Darwin's disciples still manage to conjure up their version of secular miracles and then slap some fact-free sciency terminology on them. The truth is that both dinosaurs and birds were created separately and recently.
Very little seems different from modern birds, except that some had teeth in their beaks and claws on their feet. The particular enantiornithine discussed in the article, named Mirarce eatoni, was found in Utah’s Grand Staircase-Escalante national monument in 1992, but not analyzed in detail till now. Said to be 75 million Darwin Years old, it was the size of a turkey vulture. The fossil had exceptional preservation for enantiornithines, which are found around the world but usually flattened or fragmentary. This one was found in 3-D, allowing more details about its anatomy and physiology.
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