Evolutionists and Statements Against Interest

One way to get someone mighty cranky is using his or her words in refutation of a stated position. If you spend some time looking at the sites of creationists and Intelligent Design proponents, you will invariably find quotes of Darwinists that work against evolution. When we do that, screams of "Quote mining!" can be heard at impressive distances.

Evolutionists get upset when creationists use their statements against them. Not only is this legitimate, but it is established in US law.
Made at Atom Smasher
You can often catch owlhoots like that in their double standards when they quote mine the Bible and misrepresent what is written.

I'll allow that some creationists imply that some quotes mean an evolutionists has gone over to creationism, and they should be clear. Imagine:"Fellow scientists, since we have to keep changing the evolutionary timelines every time a discovery is made, we have a serious problem." It would be a mite disingenuous to omit, "However, we still believe in evolution and reject a Creator" in this fictitious example. Illegitimate accusations of quote mining by citing George Wald prompted me to write, "That 'Quote Mining' Monkey Business".

The use of quotes of evolutionists against evolutionism (and atheists against atheism) is completely valid, despite sidewinders like Dan "Don't Quote From My Books Even Though They're For Sale in the Foyer" Barker. In fact, using these quotes correctly parallels US law, a thing called the statement against interest. Something is written or uttered outside the courtroom can be allowed in a proceeding when the statement works against the person making it.
Is it fair to refute evolutionists’ claims with their own words?
“For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”
Yes, it’s fair to counter and judge someone’s argument by their own words. As Christ’s admonition quoted above shows, people invite condemnation by their own words. This applies to controversies involving evidentiary apologetics.
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