Two Brief Testimonies for a Young Universe

Folks that believe the universe is billions of years old should have been abused of that notion because of observed data. Unfortunately, the atoms-to-astronomer narrative drives the interpretation of information. Dust rings around a distant star? Must be a planet forming, right? Not at all. When a galaxy does not fit the cosmic evolutionary worldview, it's time for "substantial revision", and they race around like snakes fleeing a brush fire. Other examples of a young solar system? Make excuses or just ignore them. Here are two more items for secularist owlhoots to ignore.

There is a great deal of evidence for a young universe, but secularists prefer their mythology over reality.
Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech / STScI
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Blue stars are nice and hot. They are also fuel hogs, so they should not be in galaxies according to the standard mythology. Using deep time reckoning against secularists, spiral galaxies with blue stars cannot be quite so old. Also, we have neutron stars in globular clusters. They should have gotten out of Dodge a long time ago, but there they are. The evidence is abundant: the universe was created recently.

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