Simple Questions that Trouble Evolutionists

We are continually bombarded by assertions that minerals-to-materialist evolution is true, so we should just accept it. Darwin's Flying Monkeys™ are fond of patrolling teh interweb and pouncing on evolution deniers with tendentious "facts" (which are often outdated and creationists need to correct them). There are some simple questions that evolutionists are unable to answer with any degree of coherence.

When Darwin's Flying Monkeys© swoop down and present "facts", evolution doubters can bother them with some simple questions.

Of course , when Darwin's disciples are presented with evidence that does not fit their paradigm or questions they dislike, they often respond with abuse or verbal bombardment. (Actual scientists don't seem to spend much time trying to slap leather on social media.) Don't let fundamentalist evolutionists lead you on a trail of distractions. Sometimes they will claim they "answered" questions, but they gave nonsense, even appealing to "common sense". They are committed to naturalism and despise biblical creation. Essentially, those sidewinders want to slap the creation out of us.
Almost everyone knows someone who believes in evolution. This matters because evolution contradicts Genesis, and the gospel rests upon Genesis. For example, Genesis teaches that God made Adam and Eve, but evolution teaches that nature somehow made us from ape-like creatures. The Bible teaches that Jesus is the last Adam—the first Adam brought death, but the last Adam brings life for those who trust Him.

How can Christians converse with those who hold evolution’s radically different ideas? The following challenges might help remove evolution-based objections to the gospel.
To read the rest, click on "Four Observations Evolution Can't Explain". If you want to dig deeper, see the video by Mike Riddle, "Four Power Questions To Ask An Evolutionist" (the main content ends shortly after 45 minutes). There are some more advanced questions that receive simplistic non-answers, if you've a mind to see them with links to supporting articles, click on "15 Questions for Evolutionists".