Evolution and Occult DNA

Adherents of Big Bang-to-banker evolution, whether cosmic or biological, often resort to hidden causes. Since the Big Bang does not work, cosmologists bring in fudge factors and occult cosmology like dark matter, dark energy, and more to make their speculations seem plausible. Other riders for the materialist brand are using related terms to prop up Darwinism.

Both cosmic and biological evolution are increasingly occult, appealing to unseen and unknown things
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In biology, these "dark" things are not just made up to make evolution look good. Instead, secularists are speculating about things they do not understand. "Junk" DNA, for example, was something that scientists did not understand, so they arrogantly declared significant parts of DNA to be leftover junk from our alleged evolutionary past. It's a natural fact that their hubris is vexatious. Now they are appealing to other "dark" things in biology, including DNA: dark DNA is the driving force of evolution. Of course, these owlhoots are presenting their occult thinking as "science", then Darwin's disciples get all excited and spread evoporn like this. As I keep saying, they go to a passel of effort to deny the fact that life was created, not evolved.
In the biological world, references to “dark” substances can also be found. Microbial dark matter is a term sometimes given to microbes that are apparently in several different environments, but they have not yet been specifically cultured in a laboratory setting. Instead, their presence is indicated by detection of their DNA or RNA in various samplings.

In the same manner, chromosomal DNA with no known function (aka, junk DNA) has occasionally been referred to as biological dark matter. It is not that this DNA is undetected, but simply its function remains undetermined. Thus, the only thing “dark” about biological dark matter is human understanding.
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