Continental Margins and the Genesis Flood

Uninformed and willingly ignorant anti-creationists often claim that there is no evidence for the Genesis Flood, then seek rescuing devices that they believe confirm their biases. Creationists have done a passel of research and pointed out flaws in uniformitarian beliefs. One of these is the formation of continental margins.

Huge amounts of sediment are found on the continental margins. Secular geologists cannot explain this fact, but it fits with biblical creation science Flood models.
Credit: NASA / Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio et al.
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For the most part, continental margins are the continental shelf and slope. Proponents of long-age geology are unable to formulate a plausible model for the huge amounts of sediment on the continental margins; the could not have been formed by oceanic activity seen today. Indeed, using a computer visualization that "drains the oceans", one of the first things you see is this conspicuous boundary. Biblical creation science Flood models give a plausible explanation.
During the last half of Noah’s Flood, the rising continents caused the Flood water to flow into the sinking ocean basins. These fast-moving, massive currents eroded vast amounts of sediment that had been laid earlier in the Flood, and carried it away. The water travelled so fast that little sediment was deposited on land. It wasn’t until the currents reached the oceans that they were able to slow enough to deposit their load.
To finish reading, click on "Continental margins — Their rapid formation during Flood runoff". Instead of being detrimental to biblical creation science, geology is actually a very effective tool for demonstrating the truth.