Recent Humans with the Wrong Features

Racism has been prominent in evolutionary thinking ever since Papa Darwin published his version of evolution. People seem to have an inordinate fondness of dividing things into categories, and this applies to people. Although out of fashion, racism still exists in evolutionary thinking today.

Recent discoveries are upsetting evolutionary racism and supporting biblical creation. Evolutionary thinking is saturated with racism, whether individual evolutionists are racists or not is a different matter.

Do not disunderstand me. I am not saying that all evolutionists are racists. But their theory is laden with racism and subdivisions. Ever notice that the evolutionary parade illustrations of simple to more complex humans also progress from dark to light skin? For that matter, "primitive" and "archaic" humans are dark skinned, considered more apelike because of their physical features.

The Piltdown Man fraud included a human jaw and orangutan teeth.

For that matter, some professing Christians who need to be quirted for their terrible science and worse theology believe in a non-Adamite (and non-white) race. Humans sure like to emphasize otherness, and not-us-ness! As we have seen here many times, there are no "races" because we Adam and Eve were the ancestors of all humans. Ethnic people groups exist, yes. Races, no. You savvy that, Hoss?

A passel of folks get excited when evolutionary paradigms are kicked back under the rocks from where they slithered. I remember many years ago seeing someone waiting for the bus that had the features that I saw in an evolutionary book. Should't he have been extinct thousands of Darwin years ago? Evolutionary anthropologists are forced to admit that "archaic" features have existed in modern humans all along: no ape ancestor here. Look elsewhere.
Ideas shaping the concept of human evolution have largely played out through images. Characters with large brow ridges and sloping foreheads—including Homo neanderthalensis and Homo erectus—have consistently been depicted as the earliest forms of evolving humans. Now, new fossil evidence is turning the whole paradigm upside down.
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