Falsely-Feathered Dinosaurs

As usual in evolutionary speculations, the narrative takes prominence. Disciples of Papa Darwin see what they want to see. This happens quite a bit, and is especially prominent in their desire to find dinosaurs with feathers. There are two examples of bad science and evolutionary wish making in this area.

The quest for dinosaur feathers has two more examples of bad science and dreadful logic. Worse for evolutionists, the evidence supports creation.
Anchiornis image credit: Wikimedia Commons / Kumiko (CC by-SA 2.0)
Why are they so determined to see feathers on dinosaurs? Those owlhoots demand them for their unfounded belief that dinosaurs evolved into birds, and they sure can't allow that God created everything. So they find some filaments and cry, "Yee haw boy howdy! Feathers on dinosaurs!" Of course, they conduct poor science and use bad logic by ignoring other possible explanations for what they have found. The evidence actually refutes their claims and also supports special creation.

We saw a previous report that scientists "saw" something that kinda sorta looks like maybe it could be related for feathers, but looks nothing like real feathers. They haven't made any progress in saving face. Also, another critter has been dubbed a dinosaur, so hooray for feathers (yawn). Of course it has feathers, ya idjits, it was a bird in the first place.
Descriptions of feathered dinosaurs continue to wing their way into scientific literature. While most researchers see each new example as another link in a Darwinian story of reptiles somehow evolving into birds, others fit these fossils into more classical categories. Two new discoveries give owners of these opposing views new opportunities to peck at each other’s ideas of bird beginnings. Both cases are easy to land on a creation-friendly perch.
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