Darwinism and Chinese Communism

Some people wonder why the fuss about origins. After all, Darwin proposed a naturalistic view of origins, so let the scientists slap leather on that and we can just go on about our business. Unfortunately, evolutionary views have been applied to many areas, and even prompted tyrants and wars.

Darwinism has fueled a host of evils in societies, including racism and war. People may not know that not only is communism based on atheism and evolutionism, but the Chinese Communist atrocities were based on Darwinian thinking.
Mao Zedong ca. 1950 via Wikimedia Commons
If you search this site, you will find links to articles on many outgrowths of Darwin's death cult, including eugenics, abortion, "scientific" racism, and more. It is worth noting that Darwin's sidewinders saw fit to get into wars. Darwinism played a prominent role in World War One, the Nazi race holocaust, communism, and more.

Remember, the religion of atheism has evolution as a cornerstone, and millions of people were murdered by atheist evolutionists. What people may have forgotten (or neglected, since evolution is adored by "wise" people and many scientists) is that the atrocities in Communist China under Chairman Mao Zedong (Mousie Dung) were also inspired by evolutionism. These people actively embraced atheism and rejected our Creator, the God who is explained in the Bible.
As history separates us from Darwin’s death, the media is more willing to expose the harm of his ideas. This, plus the release of once-sealed records have revealed a great deal about the atrocities of recent history. This is the case of the horrors of Mao Zedong in Communist China.[1] That Darwin was a major influence in communist China should not surprise us. Darwin not only supported the survival-of-the-fittest ideology, but even
divided humanity into distinct races according to differences in skin, eye or hair color. He was also convinced that evolution was progressive, and that the white races—especially the Europeans—were evolutionarily more advanced than the black races, thus establishing race differences and a racial hierarchy.
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