Design of the Tyrant Lizard King

T. rex is probably the most famous dinosaur. It shows design and there is not evolutionary history for it.

Tyrannosaurus rex is arguably the best-known of all the dinosaurs, and has been prominent in movies, television shows, documentaries, and so forth. We only have forensic information from fossils. However, while there is a great deal of speculation about this critter, fossils do tell scientists a great deal.

It had a very large head. Although T. rex did not have big arms and was subject to ridicule from other dinosaurs that could run fast, it had a large tail for counterbalance so it didn't faceplant when lunging for it's prey. If you were to stare one down face to face, what do you think would get your attention? It had many large, pointy teeth. 

These were different from its relatives but could take a huge chunk of lunch. Was it actually a predator? Fossil evidence suggests so and its design was conducive to predation. Rexie may have been a scavenger, especially the older, larger ones. There is no explanation for dinosaur evolution. Instead, we see that T. rex was designed by the Master Engineer. It apparently did well until the global Genesis Flood took most of them away, and dinosaurs that disembarked from Noah's Ark eventually became extinct.
Since T. rex is found only in Flood deposits, our knowledge of this great animal is limited to his fossilized remains from Noah’s time, nearly 1,700 years after Adam’s Fall. We’re all fascinated to learn more, and that’s where the fun of forensic science comes into play. Like crime investigators, paleontologists try to reconstruct organisms and their environments by the partial evidence left at the “crime scene.” Though lots of “ifs” remain, we can learn many amazing things from fossils.

One thing is clear: T. rex was big, and he was well designed for his dominant role after the Fall. But being big didn’t mean that God just scaled up the design of other average-size, meat-eating dinosaurs, called theropods. To understand how T. rex was specially designed, we need to compare him to the “normal” proportions of other theropods.
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